By students, for students.

Affordable prices at a convenient location.

Service Comments Price
Tube Replacement Tube costs $5 + install $5
Brake Adjustment Tune your brakes so they feel new again! $5
Tool Rental Use any tools for the day $2
Tool Membership Unlimited tool use for the year $10
Skate Sharpening *new* Glide & Grip Sharpening $6
Chain Replacement Brand new chain! $10

Is your bike making a strange noise? We offer a team of knowledgeable volunteers who are all too happy to assist you in figuring out what the problem is! So come and drop your vehicle off at Bikes & Boards for a quick fix and repair. Repairs are priced at $5.00 per adjustment as needed.

Parts & Tools

Need a part for your bike? Bikes & Boards offers both new and used parts at low and affordable prices! Already have the parts you need or are looking for a general tune up? Bikes & Boards also offers full usage of our tools and grease/liquids for a flat fee of $2.00. We also offer the option to purchase a full year of tool usage for $10.00! Swing by for a complete list of parts we offer, prices, and tools available to use in the shop!

Affordable Bicycles & Longboards

We offer refurbished bicycles that fit within your student budget! Each one of our bikes are rescued and lovingly restored by our dedicated volunteers.

As a BRAND NEW project, we also offer basic STUDENT HANDMADE longboards at affordable prices!!

Skate Sharpening

First snow of the season! You know what that means – skating season is just around the corner! If you’re looking to get your skates sharpened then you’re in luck! Bikes & Boards now has a skate sharpener! Make sure to bring them in early so you’re ready as soon as the rinks open!


News & Resources

We also act as a central hub for bike/board news and resources! Feel free to come by to find or post about anything cycling and boarding related in Kingston! Some examples of what can be found on our bulletin board:

  • map of cycle routes in Kingston
  • sign ups for bike repair seminars
  • posters of bikes for sale
  • group bike tours around Kingston
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